Hey, its Krishna from St Louis Missouri

Hey Everyone,

I'm Krishna Gedela, working as a Lead data engineer. Recently our company has introduced Neo4j in our product for handling permissions framework. Thousands of users & a lot of scope to increase. I am learning Neo4j for supporting this as part of Infra handling. Basically it's in a transitioning phase from engg to Operations.
Thanks to @jennifer_reif for her wonderful session and I was able to complete the certification. I loved the gifts with the certification.
I'm looking for some help in setting up of Halin(facing Error SecurityError: Failed to construct 'WebSocket': An insecure WebSocket connection may not be initiated from a page loaded over HTTPS.) for better monitoring of our instances, planning to go further in query analyzer/tracking etc for managing the instances better.

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I went through @david_allen article about Halin, it is very informative. I am able to connect to our instances via Neo4j desktop but Halin(desktop app or web url) is not allowing me to connect. Any help would be appreciated or guidance on how to address it.

This error means that you are using a self-signed certificate to secure your HTTPS connection. Halin itself is loading over HTTPS, and your browser is noticing that you're trying to connect to an insecure site (your Neo4j instance, which doesn't have a valid TLS certificate) from a secure site (where Halin is hosted). Your browser's security model does not allow this.

The solution is to install good certificates on your Neo4j instance to make sure you have valid TLS/SSL. You can do that here:

Thank you very much @david_allen

And congratulations, Krishna, on studying for, taking, and passing the Neo4j certification exam! I'm glad that some of my materials were able to help you prepare and that you enjoy the gifts. We just want to celebrate with you on your effort and your success. :slight_smile: We are looking forward to seeing what you accomplish next!


Thank you. I am very excited too on the learnings.
As I said I am at a spot where a system access which was built for permission framework with huge data. This is at a first level set up. I am a Database guy & new to Neo4j, so I am curious about what kinds of areas I can explore, such as monitoring in identifying long running queries, instance monitoring, graph model analysis and optimize the existing flow. I am exploring more. But if there are any suggestions by any one, please do share. Looking for few directions to go towards. Thanks again.

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Great feedback, @kgedela!!! Thank you!!!!!