Help using apoc.convert.toTree config option to include/exclude certain properties


I tried to play with apoc.conver.toTree. It seems that the option to include/exclude certain properties works only in case I have a dataset where all nodes are the same type. In case I have branches/leaves with another node type, then all properties are returned for another type.

Maybe I did not understand the syntax and there is some way to define behavior for different node types as well?


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After playng for more, i found that, its possible to describe behavior for multiple node types.

like that.

CALL apoc.convert.toTree(paths, true, 
	{nodes: {
			Person: ['_id']
			,Group: ['_id']
			,Account: ['_id']
	, rels: {
			is_member: ['_id']
			,is_matching_identity: ['_id']
		}) yield value

Now I am trying to figure out the right syntax - in the case when I have multiple labels on the label (for example if i have label pair Person:Account then current include/exclude rule for Person or Account will not work.

Can you please specify- is it possible include/exclude properties also when there are multiple labels assigned to the node?

@angelo.busato @paulare Was there an answer to the question about multiple labels I cannot figure out the correct syntax.


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Are there any more uses for the config file? For example, custom naming etc?

Unfortunately still unanswered