:help params shows info for :param not :params

When you type (plural params)
:help params

you get info for :param instead of :params. These two have very different syntax!

:param actorName => "Tom Hanks"

:params { actorName : "Tom Hanks", movieTitle: 'The Matrix'}

In addition, after entering either command, you get in the browser:

See :help param for usage for the :param command.

Whereas you probably should show both:

See :help param for usage for the :param command (setting one parameter)
See :help params for usage for the :params command (setting multiple parameters)

The info for :help params is in the screen shot. (I would have done a copy and paste but copy from the Result cell in the Browser stops working after using the Browser after a while, which is driving me crazy! Browser 4.2.2, Server 4.2.2., Mac OS 10.15.7)

It shows the info for param not :params

I think some things with this feature may have changed over time as I've run into some inconsistencies as well.

Personally I think the :param option should be deprecated (removed), wouldn't it be less confusing to just use :params?

If there is a useful difference between
:params { actorName : "Tom Hanks"}
:param actorName2 => "Tom Hanks"

I'd like to know what it is

return $actorName, $actorName2
$actorName $actorName2
"Tom Hanks" "Tom Hanks"