Hello to everybody, I want implement the hits algorithm

i want implement the hits algorithm on my java web project linked with neo4j but I have version 4.4.3 that doesn't use anymore algorithms but apoc functions.I cannot find the apoc function equivalent to hits, can someone help me please?

Try looking at the graph data science library.

thank you but this is for version 2.0, I have 4.4 where if I understand well hits is not utilizable

I think you are referring to version 2 of the GDS library and version 4.4 of neo4j. It states on the following page that this combination is supported.

I was able to create a 4.4.4 db in neo4j browser and install GDS 2.0.

thank you for the answer, I have this error when running the project:org.neo4j.graphdb.QueryExecutionException: There is no procedure with the name gds.alpha.hits.stream registered for this database instance. Please ensure you've spelled the procedure name correctly and that the procedure is properly deployed. what I am doing wrong?