Hello, says in Japanese Kon-nichiwa,

Hi Everyone,

I’m a director of technical architect, working on a project with GraphDB for development task e.g.Migration in Japan since Dec 2019.

It seems that version 3.5.1+ of me is almost in good condition so far and an interesting topics as follows.

There are various drivers available and its info according to Drivers & Language Guides site for developers.

It is possible to be referring to past instances of them in online community here and also it using slack app besides.

Before coming here, neo4j staff helped me to take a look at online forum. I thank you!



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In addition,
I set up newest 4.0.0 onto WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux).
Switch and use 3.5.13 on Windows and 4.0.0 on Ubuntu of it.
For 4.0.0 DB can be pull down to changed in Neo4j Browser. It's cool!


And also,
Macbook there are latest version both 3.5.14 and 4.0.0.
The first is via brew and second is on Docker and running.