Hello, I'm Michael in Atlanta, GA. I'm just a hobbyist working on project for my small business

Hello everyone.

I always wanted to be a software developer when I grew up, but my life has taken me in a different direction. I went to school for software engineering and spent some time as an intelligence Analyst, but in the end, I work for my families business. I enjoy doing software projects on the side.
I've been watching neo4j for a while and did a small project with it about a year ago.
My go-to programming language has been C related syntax stuff, C++,C# & php. Recently I've been trying to branch out and brush up on some of the new javascript things like react. I get pretty excited talking about databases and data storage, and once I got over the initial learning curve with graph databases I realize how awesome all of this is.

I'm on the forums here at neo4j for general advice and some trouble shooting as it comes up. I looked on upwork to hire a neo4j freelancer in the past and didn't have too much luck. As a project matures in the next few months, i'll probably need a professional to take over some of the more complicated tasks.

My family business is an artificial flower company and my main use for neo4j now is for master data management.