Hello from Doulkifli, Researcher on BI/Big Data integration, http://boukraa.jimdo.com

Hello everybody,

My name is Doulkifli, from Jijel, Algeria. I am an associate professor in computer science, I am interested in graph databases, especially Neo4j, as part of my teaching and also as part of my research. I focus on graph analytics and on bridging the gap between OLAP and graphs.

Have a nice day!

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Hello and welcome! I'm so glad you joined us. I saw you applied and were accepted to our Neo4j Educator Program (congratulations!), so I just added you to the private Neo4j Educator group, so other professors and researchers can share and help within that group, as well.

Best wishes on your teaching and research and let us know if you have any questions!


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Thank you very much!