Has anyone implemented graphql-shield with GRANDstack

(Nigel Hopkins) #1

Hi all - I've been tinkering with GRANDstack and I'm about to look at using graphql-shield for authentication/authorization. Does anyone foresee any issues with this? Thanks!

(Shreyansh Zazz) #3

Hey man, just checked the graphql-shield and honestly it is dope. I'm going this project and I'm gonna implement this thing with neo4j-graphql-js. So, if you get this right before me please let me know.

(Nigel Hopkins) #4

Will do Shrey - not sure which way I'm going to go. I've been reading the GRANDstack docs more closely (and between the lines) ... https://grandstack.io/docs/guide-middleware.html ... this in addition to a goal I have to use Ionic 4 / Angular.

(Shreyansh Zazz) #5

We don't have to use the GRANDstack, what we need is just the neo4j-graphql-js from the GRANDstack.
Take the neo4j-graphql-js library, add the Prism's graphql-yoga server to create graphql server, add middlewares like graphql-shield for Auth or yum for Validation.

(Nigel Hopkins) #6

I was beginning to think about this kind of possibility - I wonder if anyone has travelled down this road yet.

(Shreyansh Zazz) #7

The neo4j-graphql-js library have lots of bug though. I'm thinking of using pure GraphQL with neo4j-driver for js. I just have to write all mutation, queries and all but it will be fully customizable and flexible.
What's your view on this one?

(Nigel Hopkins) #8

I understand what you're suggesting Shrey and it sounds like a reasonable approach. For me it's most important that I have Neo4j as my backend and graphql (otherwise I'd use something like Prisma and Postgres out of the box). Since my use is going to be fairly specific to begin with, something along the lines of your suggestion may be a good stepping stone while more of the eco-system develops giving more options (e.g., the Prisma-Neo4j connector, etc.).

(Michael Hunger) #9

Did you report the issues you ran into? Without feedback we can't improve the library if we don't run into those issues ourselves during testing.

(Shreyansh Zazz) #10

Hey @kiwinode, I find this guide which help in setting up our GraphQL server with Neo4J's official Driver for JavaScript

(Nigel Hopkins) #11

Hi Shrey, do you have a link?

(Shreyansh Zazz) #12

Sorry I forgot to paste the link. It is updated now.

(Shreyansh Zazz) #13

Hey, @kiwinode any updates?

(Shreyansh Zazz) #14

Hey man, I build the starter kit which we all needed. Now help me and contribute to add some security layers to this kit.

(Nigel Hopkins) #15

Hey Shrey - thanks for this - been out of the loop for a couple of days on a different project - will take a close look in next day or so. Cheers!