Group nodes by property type

Hi, I'm trying to aggregate returned nodes by an amount of property types.

Basically I have (r:Recipe)-[:HAS_CUISINE]->(c:Cuisine)

I'd like to return 10 recipes from each Cuisine in my database

I feel like it should be something close to

WITH collect(DISTINCT as cuisines
UNWIND cuisines as cuisine'
MATCH(r:Recipe)-[:HAS_CUSINE]->(c:Cuisine {name: cuisine})
', {cuisine: cuisine}) YIELD value
RETURN value.r as recipes

The problem I keep running into is I only ever get 10 recipes back.

what could I be doing wrong here?

Hi Markkdev, welcome to the community!

One way of getting the information is with this query:

match (r:Recipe)-[HAS_CUISINE]-(c) WITH c,collect(r)[0..10] as recipes return c,recipes

This gets 10 recipes at most from each cuisine and returns both the recipes and the cuisine.

From what I gather from your query you were overthinking the problem :slight_smile:
There is really no need to use APOC for queries like these.

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I have a knowledge base article on exactly this issue, with some approaches you can use to get the limited results per row you're after:

Wayyyy overthought it.

This is great thanks so much for your help.

Glad to be part of the community, thanks again.

Hi Andrew,

Great article, I followed it to get my original query but I just overthought it.

Appreciate the help thank you