Gremlin, Nodejs, & Neo4j

I have Neo4j version 4.x server installed locally.

Is there is a way to connect to it from Nodejs using Gremlin driver?

I have tried this plugin:

but it is old and archived repo. also it seems that it only supports Neo4j version 2.x

I have also tried sub folder "neo4j-gremlin" from TinkerPop repo:

but it lacks of README or any sort of documentation

That gremlin-plugin repo looks quite old, and I would guess even if there was good documentation, it's very unlikely to work with modern versions of Neo4j.

Can you say more about what you're trying to do? Are you trying to migrate a gremlin codebase from another DB to Neo4j? In general, we wouldn't recommend using gremlin at all, preferring cypher for a lot of reasons related to ease of use and performance, so I'm guessing this is more about migration.

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What I want is to use Neo4J database but using gremlin command from Nodejs code.

So my application is nodejs using Gremlin driver to connect to the graph database, currently it is Amazon Neptune, but I want to be database agnostic by using one of Gremlin's compatible database (Neo4j I believe on of them)

I would love to hear if you found a solution for this.
I'm about to start a node.js project with Neo4j server and would like to use Gremlin queries on it,

No, as I went with different solution. I believe it should be possible but sorry I don't know how.