Greetings --- Yannick Huchard, Founder and Chief Architect

Hello there!

I have been introduced to Neo4J 4 years ago by two of my team members who are experts in this technology. Being a strong advocate of graph structure to organize data sets, I have been watching the evolution of Neo4J in this area. The growth is impressive, and the Neo4j community is really great in contribution and support.

I'm both a Chief Architect in a universal bank in Luxembourg and a startup(s) founder in various domains. I am also the creator of AMASE method (, which enables one to design and craft its Startup from the idea to launch.

Being passionate about technology and always looking for the best ones for taking strategic decisions, could they be in my work, the startups or people I advise, I was looking for some opportunities to contribute to the Graph DB community.

I recently finished one of the apps I needed for my work, LightsSphere, an application used to create Data Maps from your mobile using Graph structures and language. Why LightsSphere? Because I needed to represent intuitively complex systems, to be able to share them. The vision is ultimately to be capable of building a system of knowledge following the "open source" mindset. But I am not there yet :slight_smile:. Anyway, I took the opportunity to add a Neo4J client to query and represent data directly from LightsSphere (big thanks to the creators of Theo/Graphstory!). So it was all-natural that I come here to exchange points of view, feedback, etc.

Thanks for your time, and have fun!


Hi Yannick,

that's quite some story. Thanks a lot for joining and sharing.
Would you be interested in demonstrating LightsSphere e.g. in an Online Meetup?

For folks that want to try it:

Thank you for the proposal.
Yes, of course! When the final version is released, let's plan something :slight_smile: