Greeting from Jonathan in Perth, WA

Hi Everyone,

I come from an Enterprise Architecture background and am particularly interested in improving the practice of Enterprise Architecture through data. I previously used Semantic Wiki on an RDF Db to explore the decentralisation of managing architecture artifacts and their relationships. This also provided a dataset that could be queried to answer common Enterprise Architecture questions. One of the learnings from this exploration was the importance of the relationships between architecture entities (or in some cases the lack of relationships) hence my interest in now investigating the use of graph databases for Enterprise Architecture. There seems to be very little in this space based on my Google searches so I am interested in hearing from anyone who might have already applied the use of graph databases to the practice of Enterprise Architecture.



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Welcome; not sure there is;’but suggest to start to draft a model and then collect data of that subject

Hi Jonathan,
Would be great to connect and discuss further. Looking for likeminded people in Aus. I am based in Sydney.
Are you trying to build a knowledge graph to answer questions or track dependencies of architecture domains like Business, Data, Applications, Technology to artifacts like systems, end users, APIs, code bases , databases etc?