GraphQL Mutation: How to add current time in a Neo4j node property?

Hello all, I have a question about GRANDstack:
I have a type in my GraphQL schema like this:

    id: ID!
    date: LocalDateTime

I would like to add a property to a node that will be created in Neo4j thanks to a mutation with GraphQL.
I tried this to have the current time created in nodes when a mutation is called:

type mutation {
    MergeSAVEDQUERY(id:ID!, date:_Neo4jDateTimeInput): SAVEDNODE @cypher(statement: 
    """Merge (q:SAVEDQUERY {id:$id})
       ON MATCH SET$date
       WITH EXISTS($k) AS key
       ON CREATE SET$date
       RETURN q

In a node created I have the property date created with the current date but have this:
"date": "2021-04-06T00:00:00Z"

I have this as a result:

  "identity": 185110,
  "labels": [
  "properties": {
"date": "2021-04-07T00:00:00",
"id": "Test"

I don't understand why I only have zeros after 06.
How can I do to have the current exact time when I do the mutation request ?