Graphql-java implementation fails for passThrough argument

Hello @michael.hunger / All,

My graphQL implementation uses neo4j-graphql-java-1.0.0-M03 and my nested query call (containing a map object list) does not resolve w.r.t. the passThrough cypher directive argument.

I encounter the below error;
SchemaProblem{errors=[‘xxx’ [@521:5] use an unknown argument ‘passThrough’ on directive ‘cypher’, ‘xxx’ [@523:5] use an unknown argument ‘passThrough’ on directive ‘cypher’]}

Please let me know if neo4j-graphql-java has an implementation for the passThrough use case. I have tried the Grandstack neo4j graphQL plugin for the same and have found it to be working alright.

Thanks much,

I don't think passThrough is be implemented in neo4j-graphql-java
Please create a GH issue for it, to be considered.

It would be good if you could also share your use-case so we can see the application.