Graph Technology Landscape


(Szenyo) #1

I always wanted to create a Graph Technology Landscape. And now it is here...

(Kevin Urban) #2

Great infographic and article! Curious -- what is your level of experience with these various parts of the landscape? I've settled on Neo4j, so that takes care of the top left (though I've been interested in learning more about AgensGraph). I'm definitely interested in learning more about platforms, services, and hosting options/pros/cons. Any recommendations?

(The Graph Giraffe) #3

Thanks for submitting!

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(Szenyo) #4

If we are talking about the databases, then I have the most experience with Neo4j. I tried some of the other DBs (orientDB, Janus, Neptune), but only for pet projects. So that is not so relevant.

I think for hosting options you should consider your requirement/architecture/deployment/budget setup and choose the best fit for that. This should not be a graph database specific question, this is more general. We usually use AWS EC2 if it is a cloud setup, but GCP is popular too.
Some hints can be found here:

(Kevin Urban) #5

Thanks for the reply! :slight_smile: