Graph embedding using GDS library

How do the embeddings of GDS handle categorical attributes and different relation or node types?

From the examples of 6.7. Node embeddings - Chapter 6. Algorithms it looks like the projection should contain equal types of nodes and relations only and numeric weights.

If this are the current limitations - are there any plans to address them? Especially for supporting multiple relation and node types?

GraphSAGE supports multiple node types - see the section 'train with multiple labels' , and as of 1.5 GraphSAGE also supports lists as input features.

If you have categorical data, you'll need to either encode it yourself or use our one hot encoding utility function.

We don't currently have support for multiple relationship types on our roadmap, but we'll look into options. Each embedding technique (FastRP, Node2Vec and GraphSAGE) is formulated for different types of graphs (mono- or multi-partite, weighted or unweighted, with and without properties.

Outside of Neo4j, I'd recommend looking at Zitnik et al's Decagon embedding as one approach.