Graph Data science neo4j Page Rank

I database neo4j 20 million Nodes and 20 million Relationships. I want my algorithm page Rank to be used. It has been running for two days now, I still do not see any output, your suggested solution to solve this problem.

The code is written as follows: point_down


nodeProjection: 'CustomerNode',

relationshipProjection: 'CustomerCardRelation_New'


Please help me how to solve this problem.

Can you tell me a bit more about the graph? Having an equal number of nodes and relationships might not lend itself well to PageRank because PageRank really shines when you have multiple relationships going into each node.

Have you looked at what the distribution of degrees is for your nodes? Do you know whether you have a connected graph versus a disconnected graph?

We also have Node with Edges
Our problem is that when we hit the Page Rank algorithm on 20 million Nodes and Edges
The algorithm gives us no output.

OK...a few things to try here. First, can you run gds.pageRank.stats() to see what computeMillis gives you? Another thing to look at would be how much memory this algorithm will use via gds.pageRank.write.estimate() and compare this to what is available on your machine. Lastly, try eliminating those nodes that are not strongly connected to the majority of the graph and then rerun pagerank.

Let's see what happens there.