Graph Data Science DFS traversal takes forever

I have the following query. Although I gave maxDepth = 1, the run never ends. When I run this with BFS it instantly returns. Isn't it supposed to be fast with maxDepth = 1? (NOTE: I have a very large graph but I'm not sure if that's relevant when maxDepth = 1)

MATCH (a:Entity{name:'Steve Jobs'}), (d:Entity{name:'Apple Inc.'})
WITH id(a) AS source, [id(e)] AS targetNodes
CALL'myGraph', {
sourceNode: source,
targetNodes: targetNodes,
maxDepth: 1
YIELD path

A few things to check:

  1. What version of GDS are you using?
  2. What's the degree of your source node (Steve Jobs)
  3. If you check gds.beta.listProgress or the logs, do you see anything printed there?

Hi, I'm reimporting my database and it will take a couple of hours then I'll run listProgress to see it's output.

My GDS version is 2.0.4 and the degree of Steve Jobs is about 30.