Geting Error Neo.TransientError.General.StackOverFlowError


(12kunal34) #1

Hi Everyone,

i am getting below error on running some query .

Neo.TransientError.General.StackOverFlowError: There is not enough stack size to perform the current task. This is generally considered to be a database error, so please contact Neo4j support. You could try increasing the stack size: for example to set the stack size to 2M, add `dbms.jvm.additional=-Xss2M' to in the neo4j configuration (normally in 'conf/neo4j.conf' or, if you are using Neo4j Desktop, found through the user interface) or if you are running an embedded installation just add -Xss2M as command line flag

this error is not coming everytime , it is coming when i want to convert my data as json tree path .
could you please suggest me what is wrong with this .
I have added dbms.jvm.additional=-Xss2M in my conf file still getting same error.


(M. David Allen) #2

Please share with us the code you're using to do the JSON conversion, and maybe a sample of the data in question.

Usually this sort of thing is going to be caused by unbounded recursion, where a function is calling itself and not terminating, adding to the stack until the stack overflows.

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Hi david Thanks for your reply
Please find below cypher query

WITH collect(a) as nodes
With last(nodes) as m
MATCH PATH = (m)<-[*]-(l)
with collect(PATH) as paths 
call apoc.convert.toTree(paths) yield value return value

and data is like in tree format
in the top i have a node that is m in the query and this m have 6 child nodes and each child node have some childs .

Please let me know if i missed anything

(M. David Allen) #4

I'm not sure. But I'm guessing you may have cycles in your tree. @michael.hunger - do you know if apoc.convert.toTree handles this case?

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Hi david,

please find below my data modal

Here Each node have same label and different properties . it has a unique property BARCODE
my requirement is if i give any barcode in query i should get whole graph in json as output