Get nodes and relationships path, and get related relation and nodes for a node in the middle of my path

I have a path:

also, I have "node5" connected to "node2", and "node6" connected to "node3"

Is it possible to get the paths from node1 to node4 with all the nodes and relationships in between, and also all the nodes that are related to node2 and node3 (node5 and node6) with one query?

It depends on the relationship type between (node1 and node2) and (node2-node5). Let me know the type of relationships.

Thank you for the help!
Can you please explain?
Let's say all have "CONTAINS" relationships, directions are like in the diagram:

Sorry, couldn't understand the requirement here.
Are you looking for an output like:
node1-> node2-> node3 -> node4
node5 -> node2
node6 -> node2

or all nodes together ?

Try this:

MATCH (a:node1)
CALL apoc.path.spanningTree(a, {})
YIELD path