Gephi 0.9 connection to neo4j

Hi everyone

I wanted to know that is there any possibility to connect gephi 0.9.* to neo4j? It seems gephi 0.9.* has no plugins for neo4j

Sadly, the fantastic integration between Gephi and Neo ended post v0.9 :frowning:

I know this thread is old'ish, but I just wasted a ton of time trying to figure out how something I'd used in the past wasn't working (it'd been a while since I last needed a Gephi/Neo partnership). This Neo webpage (a dead-end), has a comment at the bottom alluding that Gephi has said this on some blog post of theres. I've not found that but I'm pretty sure that makes sense given the kind of errors I was getting and I know how this works and have used it a ton in the past - key word: past :frowning:

You can get this working if you go back a version (<0.9) but it seems better to look at updating the plugin if someone has the time/skills.


PS!!! I'm excited to say that I did some digging after I posted this and found that THERE IS A NEW PLUGIN on Git. Find it here! I've not used yet but I will soon. Just from the repo's README, I'm very optimistic.

Just a follow up on my "PS". So, here's the good/bad news:
Good News: works great and is much easier for non-tech users to setup. It has a control panel like UI to setup the bolt TCPIP connection with a "test connection" button.
Bad News: Does not work with Neo4j 4.x databases. It gives an error that's not useful but I've tested against a few databases and consistently, once I return to a 3.x database (3.5 and above but below 4.x), it works fine.

Ideally, someone will pull the code and figure this out. Wish I had time. TIA for whoever does have time to fix.