Gds ShortestPaths error

We are using Graph Data Science library, and we got this error message:
neo4j.exceptions.ClientError: Failed to invoke Caused by: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Failed to load a relationship because its target-node with id 1523 is not part of the node query or projection. To ignore the relationship, set the configuration parameter relationshipValidation to false.

My question is what we need to do to ignore the relationship validation, where we need to put the relationshipValidation parameter.


@mark.needham @jennifer.reif

Can you share the query you used to call shortest path? My guess is that either the start or end node you specified is not in the graph you supplied to the algorithm.

Ultimately, both the start and end node must be contained within the subgraph specified by the nodeProjection and relationshipProjection. For example:

MATCH (start:Loc {name: 'A'}), (end:Loc {name: 'F'})
  nodeProjection: 'Loc',
  relationshipProjection: {
    ROAD: {
      type: 'ROAD',
      properties: 'cost',
      orientation: 'UNDIRECTED'
  startNode: start,
  endNode: end,
  relationshipWeightProperty: 'cost'
YIELD nodeId, cost
RETURN gds.util.asNode(nodeId).name AS name, cost

For a longer explanation, I'd look to the docs:

Thanks for the answer Alicia.
I'm simply looking to set the "relationshipValidation" parameter to false.
My question is - where should this parameter be added? I couldn't find a documentation for this anywhere and I'd really appreciate your help.


Were you able to find the way to include relationshipValidation parameter in the
CALL gds.graph.create.cypher

In the source code, there is only single instance of "relashipshipvalidation", which is in the exception file; making it hard to figure where the parameter has to be put while creating a GDS graph using CYPHER projection. @alicia.frame, could you help us figure out?