Gary Elliott from Detroit, MI. USA

Hi Everyone,

I'm Gary Elliott, owner of SpearIT, LLC., lover of technology and sport, especially golf.
I'm here to learn about neo4j to see if it's a good fit for a new project we're working on!
Hope to chat with you during the learning process.


Hi Gary,
Welcome to the Neo4j community. Do you have more info about the type of project you are looking into? I have seen many different use cases in the Neo4j community. I am sure there are people who can help answer questions.


Thanks Mike,

Right now I suppose the project could most easily be described as a system monitoring tool. (yes I know there are bazillions of them out there) More specifically we're looking to monitor specific processes on each client across the network and take action the data.

So as best as I can figure I'll have the following basic nodes:

The first 3 are simple enough but I'm not sure how to map the sessions b/c each Person/Computer/Application will be related to many, many sessions (maybe 100,000s per year).

I have a good idea how I would approach the problem with a traditional RDMS but am new to graph dbs. I'm not clear on the best ways to handle many instances to the same relationship (I think that's a good way to say it). I'm hoping to gain greater insight into the data when doing analysis by using a graph db.

Hopefully that gives you a good general idea about my project.

That is a very interesting problem to tackle. Even if there are other tools out there, it is a great way to learn about the power of graphs by tackling an issue you have.

I am sure there are varying opinions on the best models, but the beauty of the graph is the flexibility. So your can always try a model and then adjust on fly. That way your can tailor your model as you learn more about what you want and need.

Good luck and ask lots of questions!

Do you happen to know or can point me to a spec document that shows both the technical and practical limits for how many relationships a single node can handle?

Hi Gary
Welcome; in case of need kindly let me know