Force to use all resources

Hi all,
I have a dedicated PC for NEO4j.
How to Configure it to use all resources for max performance?
I increased heap and pagecache size, But it's still possible to increase performance.
CPU i5, 32GB RAM, 1T SSD

HI ak1002,

A database is a piece of software that can handle many concurrent queries at the same time.

Normally I try to find how to get one single query as fast as possible with profile, explain the proper model and constraints and indexes. For the biggest part a single query is processed in a single-thread and so occupying one core for a time period. When you know the time needed for that single query you can calculate how many of these queries can be processed by your system. So if a query takes 10ms one core can handle 100 queries per second, and in your case 4 cores (if i am right) can handle 400 of these queries per second.

So to get better performance for a single query it will help that your complete database fits in memory, so if possible the page-cache size should be bigger than the size on disk. This is not always possible, then it helps if you have a fast harddisk (you have an SSD which is ok). Also you will get better single query performance when you have a faster cpu (higher clock speed)... but that is normally a given which you cannot change.

You can also find some cypher tuning tips here:

I hope this will help you.


Kees Vegter

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