FastRP - Different value but same embedding

While using the FastRP algorithm, a phrase in the documentation caught my attention. I also faced this situation.

Link: Fast Random Projection - Neo4j Graph Data Science
Phrase: Because of L2 normalization which is applied to each iteration (here only one iteration), all nodes have the same embedding despite having different age values (apart from rounding errors).

When getting embedding with FastRP on a graph (Let's consider only the properties, that is, propertyRatio = 1), how can the embedding of 2 nodes with exactly the same values ​​be the different? In the link I shared above, this was explained as if it was a normal situation, but it seemed a bit inconvenient to me.

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Hello @berkay.coskuner98 and welcome to the Neo4j community :slight_smile:

Please do not open multiple topics for the same issue. You got an answer here.