Expected join table behavior using the neo4j-etl?

(Bbachand) #1

We are using the neo4j-etl component and have observed some unexpected join table behavior. When we have a join table table and have a non-foreign columns with values not all of them have relationships created.
To reproduce what we are experiencing I modified the Northwind database schema from MSSQL.
-Removed the PK on the CustomerCustomerDemo table
-Maintained the FK relationships from Customers and CustomerDemographics tables on CustomerCustomerDemo
-Added a third column to demonstrate the relationship property value in the graph
-Added column values to CustomerDemographics
-Added values to CustomerCustomerDemo with multiple rows for CustomerID [THEBI] where CustomerType is the same but SampleDescription is different
-Expected to see the three different CustomerID [THEBI] relationships in the graph
Is this by design or a bug?

(Michael Hunger) #2

Having proper primary and foreign keys set up is currently a requirement for the ETL tool to work as it uses the RDBMS metadata to form the relationships.
So you'd need to create them.

We plan to make this more configurable in the future.