Execute Cypher Query within URL

Hi - I want to roll out my graph database to users who are non-technical using the neo4j browser. Ideally I would want to write the cypher statements automatically and pass them to the browser in the url.



The above url will attempt to run the cypher command within :play which will fail as play is for browser help etc.

What can I replace play with so that my cypher query is executed?

I think I would be more inclined to write a custom browser guide than try to run queries from the url (which I'm not entirely sure is possible).

With a custom browser guide you can include documentation for the users along with hints and tips as well as running queries in the browser.

Take a look at:



Is it possible to use javascript, inside of a custom guide?

I would like to populate an input select field, with values from neo4j, but I can't seam to make javascript code run inside the guide.