ETL-tool not finishing RDBMS import


(Tanvi Ranade) #1

Hi ,

I have recently taken neo4j enterprise free edition and was trying to import my RDBMS data into Neo4j with ETL desktop app. I could connect to database and generate mapping and save it. Last step , import data is not getting completed in app. My first thought was to check memory constraints for import. But my hardware fullfils all the conditions mentioned on website. Please let me know how should I proceed to solve this problem.

I also tried the import with command line tool , it was giving authentication token error ,in that case csv export was complete with 5572 items. Csv folder generated through neo4j-ETL desktop app has only 3576 items .

(Michael Hunger) #2

if you run the command line tool, can you get a thread-dump when it hangs?

with kill -3 <pid> or jstack <pid>

what auth-error did you get? to neo4j or the rdbms?

(Tanvi Ranade) #3

Hi , I got authentication token error : scheme not found on Neo4j server. I had not tried getting thread dump I will do it and get back to you. thanks

(Alberto De Lazzari) #4

Hi, did you define a remote or a local connection in Neo4j Desktop? If you're doing an offline import to a local instance you should not have any authentication error.
If your connection is remote are you able to connect using the Neo4j Browser App in the Neo4j Desktop to run queries?


(Tanvi Ranade) #5

Hi , I was able to connect through Browser App.And the graph was local

(Alberto De Lazzari) #6

Did you try to import with the offline mode? You need to shut down your neo4j instance and run the offline import mode, it's faster than the online one. This is the desired option when you start from scratch.