Error Loading Data - Citation Dataset Loading - on "Using a Machine Learning Workflow for Link Prediction"

No DATA is load after run 01_DataLoading.ipynb

All the Operations are failed: "Invalid input r..."

There is probably a typo somewhere, but I can't seem to spot it. I ran the import code from the notebook and it seems to work for me. Can you try to run the following query in Neo4j Browser?

CALL apoc.periodic.iterate(
  'UNWIND ["dblp-ref-0.json", "dblp-ref-1.json", "dblp-ref-2.json", "dblp-ref-3.json"] AS file
   CALL apoc.load.json("" + file)
   YIELD value WITH value
   return value',
  'MERGE (a:Article {})
   SET a +=,["id","authors","references", "venue"],[0])
   WITH a, value.authors as authors, value.references AS citations, value.venue AS venue
   MERGE (v:Venue {name: venue})
   MERGE (a)-[:VENUE]->(v)
   FOREACH(author in authors | 
     MERGE (b:Author{name:author})
     MERGE (a)-[:AUTHOR]->(b))
   FOREACH(citation in citations | 
     MERGE (cited:Article {index:citation})
     MERGE (a)-[:CITED]->(cited))', 
   {batchSize: 1000, iterateList: true});

Now it work on the Neo4j Browser and also from Notebook (changing the query of the course with this new one).