Environment Variable "NEO4J_HOME"

Hi Team,

While installing the Neo4j, i have selected the default path, and now facing issue while using the LOAD CSV FROM 'file:///sample.csv'.....
as i am getting error Neo.ClientError.Statement.ExternalResourceFailed

Couldn't load the external resource at: file:/C:/Users//.Neo4jDesktop/neo4jDatabases/database-xxxxxxx/installation-3.5.14/import/sample.csv

I tried validating the path Open Folder option from Neo4j, and its a valid path. Still having issue. Could you please help in setting the different path as Neo4j_Home or fixing the issue. Any lead will be helpful.


Kindly place the csv file in import folder.

Yes, placed the file in the import folder, and i got the path from opening Terminal. Still getting same error.
Also tried setting the dbms.directories.import=C:\Users\xxxxxx\Dataset\Neo4j in neo4j.config file, still same error.
Tried with commenting the dbms.directories.import=import line in neo4j.config, and also uncommenting the property dbms.security.allow_csv_import_from_file_urls=true, but none worked. :(

Thanks Team,
Its working now, seems after restarting the server 2-3 time, somehow it started working.
Also i do see an additional file "neo4j.conf-default", and did the same changes as was made in "neo4j.conf". So the issue could be resolved due to this conf-default file.