DynamicRecord not in use


I hit a problem that we think one of our user table data/node which is broken, we can not query it or all of user data(it will stuck and the CPU up to 100%), and can not delete it even we know its uuid.

MATCH (n:Neo4jEmployee {uuid:'95536edb-013d-4066-b145-b4ac2b1c87bb'}) DETACH DELETE n


DynamicRecord[55704,used=false,(0),type=-1,data=byte,start=true,next=-1] not in use

Could you please advise? Thanks a lot~

Have fixed the issue by GitHub - jexp/store-utils: Utilities to compact, copy, fix, analyse Neo4j stores, thanks!

I have a similar problem but it occurs while running the neo4j data import tool.
Following is the exception:
org.neo4j.kernel.impl.store.InvalidRecordException: DynamicRecord[179470203,used=false,(0),type=-1,data=byte[],start=true,next=-1] not in use

Can you guide me on how to use store-utils to clean up csv files?
Full stacktrace:

Think the store-utils can only fix the data from neo4j DB not the csv import.

Is there any duplicate records? Neo4j-admin import fails on specific ID duplicates · Issue #12800 · neo4j/neo4j · GitHub

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Thanks for pointing this out. There were no duplicate records in the db however I was using Neo4J 4.4.2 which had a bug where it repeated IDs. Its fixed in 4.4.3

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