Dynamically Adding Graphs to Fabrics Setup

Hello there.

Is it possible to dynamically add more graphs to the fabrics setup without having to bring it down and restarting?

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At present, no, not to my knowledge. This is because adding a graph into the fabric setup does require configuration in neo4j.conf. Neo4j does have a facility for dynamically setting some configuration, but fabric is not in the scope of what it supports, sorry.

So in order to add a graph or bolt endpoint to a fabric arrangement, this requires changing neo4j.conf which requires a restart in order to pick up changes.

@david.allen are there any plans to change this behaviour? Being able to add new dbs to the catalog without bringing it down would be a big help in making the case for Fabric.

Would the situation be any different if Fabric was deployed using this pattern, with multiple Fabric entrypoints? If each entrypoint was on, for example, a separate k8s pod in a deployment, could you update the Fabric config and then roll the pods, keeping existing dbs available while bringing the new ones online?

Separately - it seems that catalog names are more restrictive than db names? E.g we can name a db client.domain, but having a period in the db's catalog name and then trying to run:

USE fabric.client.domain

throws an error (but there's no mention of this restriction in the Fabric docs).