Don't Miss The Largest Virtual Graph Conference Ever!

Yes, it’s true. Graph-nerds from around the globe come together once again!

The Neo4j Online Developer Expo & Summit (NODES 2020) is the largest virtual graph conference ever. With 9-hours of content, across 6-tracks, (50+ hours of total content!) you’re sure to get your yearly dose of graph-y content (well…maybe, as some of us have serioussss addictions and can never get enough graph)!

We don’t need to tell you how awesome graphs are because chances are, you already know. So, we’ll just give you a run down of what you can expect.

Technical Talks

Strengthen your skills as a subject-matter expert by tuning into talks from 70+ graph experts from around the globe.

Tracks include use cases, visualization, knowledge graphs, graph data science, building applications, as well as a deep dive track with some of our Neo4j experts.

The agenda has already been announced and you can start building your schedule now! :D


Connect the Global Graph Community!

Neo4j has the largest graph community, so you’ll be amongst thousands of fellow graph enthusiasts from around the globe.

And, it doesn’t end there!

A bunch of technical communities with varied focuses and interests areas (data science, Javascript, Python, analytics, AI, cloud, etc.) have signed up to participate as well!

Whatever technical topics you’re into, chances are, you will have a lot of other friends with similar interests! :D

Virtual Expo Hall

Chat with some of the most innovative technology companies doing cool things with graphs in the virtual expo booth. See live demos and chat live with industry experts!

Certified Professionals Training

If attending the conference isn’t enough for you, and you can access hands-on, live, advanced training sessions on graph-topics.

Between October 6–8 and 13–15, Neo4j will run five 4-hour virtual training sessions available totally free to Neo4j Certified Professionals!

If you’re not yet certified in Neo4j, you can take the 1-hour exam today (the exam is also free!) and get access to the training sessions.

We look forward to seeing you all!

If you have any questions, please email us at