Doing a graph database presentation? Here are some handy slides!

Hi Everybody!

If you find that you'll be do a presentation on Neo4j/graph use cases or Cypher in the new future, here are a couple of packs for you. Hopefully they'll save you a bunch of time.

Do let me know if you have any comments.




Thanks Ljubica,
clean and clear slides!

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These look fantastic, thank you Lju! Do we have Neo4j's permission to re-use these for things like client presentations? We would probably embed different select slides throughout our own slide deck. If that's cool, how would you like us to acknowledge your team as the source (e.g. via a source caption at the bottom of each relevant slide)?

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This is so awesome!!! Thank you for sharing, Ljubica. Wow!!!! :star_struck:

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Could you please attribute the slides :slight_smile:

Happy to do so! We'll just use the URL as the acknowledgment citation

Very clean and to the point. Thank you for sharing, Ljubica.

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Many thanks!! Super helpful.

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