Documentation for using neo4j-admin when running in a Docker container


I would like to submit the following request. Please consider adding some documentation for using neo4j-admin when neo4j is running in a Docker container.

Specifically, at a minimum:

  • How to do offline dumps and loads of the database
  • How to use the import tool

Please consider adding these to sec 3.4: Docker specific operations of the manual.

I have found some unofficial documentation for doing an offline dump of the database in a container here. It'd be nice if we had some full-fledged "official" docs about this.

Please also consider cross-referencing (i.e., just add links) these documentations with the "main" instructions for using these commands. (E.g., here for dump/load, here for import tool.)

Granted that this could be considered more of a Docker how-to and thus does not belong in a Neo4J manual, but it would still be extremely helpful if we had official guidance and recommendation for doing these types of operations when running in a container.

Hi Tony, thanks for the request.

We are currently putting together plans to make improvements to our coverage of Neo4j on Docker in the documentation, and I'll make sure this gets covered as part of that effort!

Regards, David

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