Divergence on results of apoc.path.expandConfig


Looking at apoc.path.expandConfig documentation a can see a divergence between what is documented and what actually happens.

In a toy example of 4.2 documentation (https://neo4j.com/labs/apoc/4.2/graph-querying/expand-paths-config/, the resulting paths are in the following format:

(:Person:Engineering {name: "Praveena"})←[:KNOWS]-(:Person:Engineering {name: "Zhen"})-[:KNOWS]→(:Person:Field {name: "Stefan"})

However, if I run the very same toy example in the latest version of Neo4j, the resulting paths are like this:


That is, the documentation says that the returned paths include node labels, relationships, and properties, when, in fact, the procedure returns just the nodes' properties.

Am I doing something wrong?

Data-wise, the actual return values should be the same.

I think what you're seeing is the difference in how that is displayed via the Neo4j Browser, which is a whole different thing.

Also the format used on that page, while describing the same thing, was adjusted for clarity, not for alignment with the output of the Neo4j Browser.

You are correct. That's the case.