Disable the Checkpoint triggering

I am using Neo4j version 3.5.5(community edition) as main database in my project. I want to disable checkpoint triggering to my db...
Can any-one help me,how to disable the checkpoint triggering in my community edition.

Can you please explain why you want to do this?

You can tweak these https://neo4j.com/docs/operations-manual/current/reference/configuration-settings/#config_dbms.checkpoint.

I strongly discourage anyone changing the default values unless you exactly know what you're doing.

Hi @stefan.armbruster... Thank you for your response.
Actually checkpoint is triggering for every 900 sec (i.e default),after deploying the code into aws server,there its triggering for every 15 min and shown as a log in the AWS server and also we think that it may cause some performance issue. So i want to disable the checkpoint triggering.
And also in general i want to know how to disable it.

Checkpointing is a necessary operation in neo4j, you cannot disable it. You can however influence when it hooks in.
Why do you

think that it may cause some performance issue

? Any evidence for that?