Direct access to neo4J node Index from Lucene API

I've been intrigued by the new Lucene FulltextIndex capabilities. It looks great when running through neo4J procedures, but I'd love to get access to some of the Lucene capabilities that are not exposed directly. Thus, I've been playing around with using the Lucene 5.5 API to connect to the index directly.

This has not gone well. I'm able to connect, but I cannot get queries to return any results, even given queries that work fine from the neo4j web console.

Is this fundamentally a bad idea? Is there a better way to get at the Lucene information (I'm particularly interested in doc /term frequency info)? Are there some specific ways of using the Lucene index that I should know about?


I think it's best to raise this as an issue on the Neo4j GitHub repo, and possibly request that as additional procedure columns or additional procedures from the engineering team.

I don't think the underlying lucene index is meant to be exposed directly.

thanks, @michael.hunger. I'll do that.

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