Differences in Full Text between 3.5 and 4.1 in Bloom

I have a 3.5.14 database that I am having trouble updating to 4.1.0 so as work around I have created a new 4.1.0 database.

In the 3.5.14 database when I enter the search term "atomic layer deposition" (without quotes) I am returned three nodes that in a property the exact term atomic layer deposition occurs.
In the 4.1.0 database with the same search term, I am returned 500 nodes and they do not need to have the exact search term, but only a single word match such as layer or atomic.

How do I get the behavior that is present in the 3.5.14 database in the 4.1.0 one?
If I quote the search I get 2 results that are actually different than the 3.5.14 results which is very worrisome.


Not familiar with Bloom.
Are you able to reproduce this with a Cypher query?
There is another recent case where search results where unexpectedly different after an upgrade, see Really weird: query not returning expected data after upgrade from 3.5.16 community to 3.5.19 enterprise

Thanks for tagging this post for me! We might have similar problems: I noticed some weird behavior in a Linkurious instance connected to my Neo4j instance. Since Linkurious also uses a full text index like Bloom, I wonder if this related.

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