Difference from Graph and Text table results

Hi, I have this model:


LESSON - Properies: Title

TEACHER - Properties: Name


TEACHER->LESSON relationship named SPEAKER - Properties: Years (example: [2011,2012,2013])

Situation: The same LESSON can have different TEACHER in different Years.

Preformatted textMATCH (P:TEACHER)-[REL:SPEAKER]->(L:LESSON) WHERE 2011 IN REL.Years RETURN P,LPreformatted text

The problem is the difference from Graph and Text table results.

  1. In the graph I see the SPEAKER relationship for TEACHER and LESSON even if the teacher he didn't give a lesson in 2011, but in other years. It's Wrong.
  2. In text table I see the TEACHER and LESSON only for 2011. It's OK.

Do you have any suggestions?

  • Neo4j version 4.0.4


can share a sample data ?
can you share the schema meta data ?

By default the browser attempts to autocomplete any existing relationships between returned nodes, which is useful for exploring data, but can be confusing if you were trying to filter or limit the relationships in the query.

To disable this, go to browser preferences (gear icon on the lower left), scroll to the bottom, and uncheck the "Connect result nodes" option.

Thank you very much Andrew.

There is a syntax in cypher that allows me to show only those relationships that meet the conditions of where ( hide?!?,beforeshowing?!?,...)?

Is a little bit complex, all the db is in Italian.
I'm looking for a different strategy now.
Andrew answer is in the right direction.

Thank you Dominic