Developing mobile app with kivy and neo4j in python

I am developing an application where I have been using neo4j and python for most of the prototyping phase. I just learnt about this nice library called Kivy for python that allows me to build a GUI and deploy for different paltforms, including Android and iOS, from a single python-code source.

My app is running just fine in my Mac machine, but since my app depends on neo4j for the database right now, I was wondering if there is a way for me to make neo4j work with kivy in mobile operating systems, or if I will have to switch to more mobile-friendly databases such as sqlite.

Hi Oscar, why not using Neo4j in the cloud? If the mobile has internet connection it won't be a problem.

I don't want to use the cloud because I consider this to be a major security hazard. My app is a crypto wallet, and I want to delegate the security of the keys to the user for legal reasons, and because I consider local storage to be way safer than a centralized database in the cloud. Thanks for answering.

I think you only have a solution for Android at the moment: