Desktop: Unknown function ''

I'm new to Neo4j, querying the Desktop localhost from a JavaScript test file.

I have a date field and the following query works:
MATCH (n) RETURN n.due_date

But I want to format it in UTC format before returning. I saw some example of date format in this forum and tried the following query:
MATCH (n) RETURN, 'ms', 'MMM d yyyy', 'PST')

But this gives the error Unknown function '' in browser console. How can I use the apoc functions in the desktop version?

Hello @kanade.sanjay and welcome to the Neo4j community :slight_smile:

To use APOC functions, you must install APOC plugin :slight_smile: On Neo4j Desktop, there is a Plugins part at the bottom of your Project, you must install APOC in this part. Then you click on manage your database and you should see a Plugins tab and you should be able to install APOC :slight_smile:

This is a cool article to help you: documentation :slight_smile:


Thanks. Installing the plugin fixed the problem.

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I'm happy to hear that :slight_smile: