Dependency Cycle

Upgraded to Spring Boot 2.3 (from 2.2) and app won't startup due to dependency cycle

Any idea why Neo4jOgmEntityInstantiatorConfigurationBean dependant on WebMvcAutoConfiguration$EnableWebMvcConfiguration?

The Neo4jOgmEntityInstantiatorConfigurationBean has no dependency to MVC. But something in the back of my head tells me that I have seen this a few years back already.
Did you go "full in" and also upgraded Spring Data Neo4j to 5.3?
In general this should all work and is -of course- not a special constellation of libraries but very common.
Could you create a reproducer with parts of your existing configuration? I have the vague memory that it was rooted in the definition of conversions (or similar).

Yesterday I had by accident while trying to reproduce another reported problem with 2.3 something similar.

I created a "standard" SDN / MVC application without any additional code in the @SpringBootApplication (and with that in any @Configuration) -> worked out of the box.

After this, I just wanted quickly to do some basic stuff on startup and made the main class extend from CommandLineRunner (that is not a problem at all but just want to give you as much information as I can ;) ) and were then referring to a repository within the @SpringBootApplication/@Configuration.
Also I added a custom Neo4j-OGM Configuration Bean -> Dependency cycle, similar but not the same as yours.

The way, I could break this was to put the Configuration into a separate @Configuration class alongside the @SpringBootApplication. With this, it worked again without any dependency cycles.

Mine might have been simpler but I hope this helps.

Spring Data Neo4J 5.3.9 being the version defined by Spring Boot dependencies (spring-boot-starter-data-neo4j 2.3.12). The only version specified is Spring Boot.

I refactored the code to remove the userService dependency which fixed it.

If I get a chance will try and put together simple case to reproduce.

Thanks for having a look