Deeplinks into Neo4j Bloom

Hello, I have been using deep links into Bloom from a Word document, which previously nicely opened Bloom and started a predefined search. Here is an example: neo4j://graphapps/neo4j-bloom/%5b?search=SourceReference%20by%2024713&perspective=NewFoundation%5d

Something seems to have changed as these links DO NO LONGER work as before. It started after I had upgraded to Neo4j Desktop 1.3.6. The links didn't work at all anymore. Since then I reverted back to 1.3.4, but now I have problems there as well. Did something change on the way links are handled. If Bloom is not open I somehow can get it to work, but if it's already open another link doesn't do anything.

Has anyone else experienced these issues? How can they be resolved?

Thanks in advance. Deep links are a great way to expose Bloom to other users via embedded links in documents.