David Hopp - Retired physical scientist and CodeForAmerica member

(Vivariumwest) #1

Happily and actively involved with CodeForDurham (NC) in several projects, including K-12 education stats and some aspects of voting and representation. I am looking at neo4j primarily because of cypher. Hoping there are easy ways to offer visualizations to my readers. I plan (hopefully) use neo4j as a layer of abstraction, similar to a GLMM but more comprehensible. The current project considers some county voting issues in NC, and I plan to use a graph independent of geography, except as aspects of it can be quantified, such as socio-economic indicators, regional membership, and possibly adjacency or proximity. We will see if it works. Anyone with experience in this please contact me. My computing language of choice is R.

(Ryan Boyd) #2

Fantastic to have you here! The work you're doing sounds very important.

I know @karin.wolok was working with some folks from Code for America and might have some ideas.

On the visualization front, be sure to check out neovis.js by @William_Lyon.


ps, and yes, cypher is lovely :-)