David Allen - Partner Solution Architect with Neo4j

Hi! My name is David, graph nerd since about 2014 or so. I originally got into working with graphs while dealing with a lot of provenance information (graphs that tell you how information was derived, from which sources).

I work at Neo4j now, where my focus is on strategic partners, and building out different cloud deployment options that Neo4j offers on AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure, so feel free to ask me questions about that. I'm also playing a lot with Neo4j & Apache Spark these days. More to come on that in good time. :slight_smile:

In the past back to 2014, I benefitted a lot from the Neo4j community so I'm always happy to help if I'm around.

In terms of technical background, I'm into java, javascript, python, scala on the programming side, and anything cloud related. When I have spare technical time, I like to play with aleatoric music, and occasionally something a little bit nutty with Neo4j, such as Magnolia (https://github.com/moxious/magnolia)

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Hi David!
Thanks for joining the community!!!