Data migration: from Liquigraph to Liquibase | Looking for testers!

Hi everyone,

I am the main author of Liquigraph, a database refactoring tool specifically developed for Neo4j. Its main goal is to help you manage your data stored in Neo4j, from version to version.

I have been working more recently on a Neo4j plugin for the well-established Liquibase tool: Neo4j plugin for Liquibase - Neo4j Labs. The core goal is the same, except Liquibase has supported many more databases, primarily (but not only) relational ones, for a much longer time.

The Neo4j plugin for Liquibase already offers many more functionalities than Liquigraph does.
The plan is therefore to sunset Liquigraph in favour of the plugin.

Before that can happen though, existing Liquigraph users will need to have a way to migrate to Liquibase and I am actively working on this topic. This basically involves two parts:

  1. migrate the declared migration files (aka change sets) from Liquigraph XML to a Liquibase format
  2. migrate the stored history graph in Neo4j from the Liquigraph to the graph "shape" that the plugin can understand

Regardless of your prior experience with Neo4j, Liquigraph and Liquibase, if data migration is one of your areas of interest, I would love for you to try out the emerging migration path from Liquigraph to Liquibase.

I especially want to make sure that the solution covers most of the existing user situations.

I will send detailed technical instructions individually.

I have worked with Liquibase in the past and work with Neo4j. I would like to help with testing.

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