Data Fetch from multiple DB's

Hi Team,

I have 2 neo4j instances on different linux box.
I want to fetch the Data from both instances using 1 console.
Is there any way to do it?

Thanks in Advance !!


You can use Neo4j Fabric for this:

Or use apoc.load.bolt to access the other other database from a cypher statement.

Hi Stefan,

Thank u so much for providing the inputs.

If possible can u please share one sample query ( apoc.load.bolt ) for accessing the other Neo4j DB installed on other linux server ??


Hi Stefan,

I got sample query on web for the apoc.load.bolt but getting error while executing it in my environment.
Below is the query and error:

call apoc.bolt.load("bolt://neo4j:neo4j123@","match (p:AG2 {EQUIP_NAME: {EQUIP_NAME}} return p" ,{EQUIP_NAME:'INAPAPRRVDYNNB0001OA2AAR001'}) YIELD row


Sample query found on web:


Please let me know the mistake.


In Neo4j 4.x you need to encode cypher parameters using $param and not {param}. The curly-brace notation has been deprecated long time ago and removed in 4.0.

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