Cześć from Poland,

Hello, My Name is Maciej, I´m from Poland. I'am enthusiast of Graphs Theory and Graph Databases. I am student at AGH UST in Cracow.

My dream is a working in R&D Team with Graph Databases, but Actual I can working as hobby or during preparing topics/engineer thesis on my University. Still as working and DevOps Eng with Test and Research topic in international corporation in Electric Energy area.

Maybe in this year I and some people connection with Neo4j will create first cyclic meetup about Neo4j and Graph Databases or Graph theory in Poland :)

On forum I want helping with configuration Neo4j on Linux and with using Neo4j in AI :)

You can find me on social network pages like Linkedin or Twitter, you can recognise me from my profile photo :D

Keep in :rel :D

Best regards,