CSV Import: Overall Graph of Nodes and Relationships


I am reading through CSV import and so far see that one can import nodes and then through match commands to find and establish relationships. Just a few questions I have at this point. Is there any way to read the overall graph of nodes and relationships and have the relationships established? If so, where can I find the syntax with examples?

Also, if the CSV is not the right approach for reading the overall graph, then please advise of an alternative approach.

Thank you.

Hi Mansour,

I'm not sure I quite understand your question, could you please provide an example/diagram?


Let us say that I have 50 Nodes and 200 connections between these nodes. I would like to read in and establish in the graph (from a file having some form of syntax):

  • Node Labels and Properties

  • Relationship Labels and Properties

  • From which Node to which Node each relationship is connecting

Thank you.

Hi Mansour,

There isn't at the moment a way to strictly specify a DDL of sorts for your import, however, you do have a number of ways to consider importing data: